Want the Best for Your Beloved Vehicle? Consider Brembo Brake Upgrade Kits


wheelsEquipped with larger than life brake discs and calipers, Brembo brake kits are perfect for drivers who expect nothing but the best from their cars. With increased brake torque and thermal capacity, your car’s performance will never disappoint.

Brembo brake system upgrades allow you to significantly enhance the performance of your car’s brake system. Each Brembo upgrade kit is especially developed for a specific car. The perfect combination of brake pads, calipers, and brake discs go into every kit to deliver superior braking power and ensure compatibility with your car’s master cylinder, traction control system, and ABS. AllStarTire shares more information below:

Features of Brembo Brake Upgrade Kits

The Brembo brake upgrade kits include a lightweight, two-piece, slotted or cross drilled, vented brake discs, multiple piston calipers, braided steel hoses, friction pads, and all mounting hardware. The calipers come in a monobloc or two-piece construction, with monobloc variants molded on a multiple axis CNC machine from a billet block.

The calipers have been strategically mounted over the discs in a fixed position so that the pistons will be able to exert balanced pressure on the brake pads. Multi-piston calipers offers sequential piston bores to allow for even wear of the brakes. Also, their sturdiness, along with the steel hoses effectively stabilizes the pressure of the brake system, which enables the precise modulation of pressure on the pedals.

The brake discs can come in either cross or slotted drilled, with both types capable of continuously cleaning and refreshing the surface of the pad, prevent accumulation of gas, shed debris and water, and boost pad traction. Slotted discs deliver improved durability, while cross drilled discs provide additional cooling. Additionally, the brake discs’ cast iron component offers superior thermal capacity to deliver optimal braking capability.

Important Considerations

If you’re planning on upgrading your OEM braking system with a Brembo brake upgrade, it is critical that you know your wheel clearance and size. In the majority of instances, Brembo brake kits’ oversized calipers and brake discs need customized aftermarket wheels that can provide the most accurate clearance.

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