Water Purification for Safe Drinking Water

Water Filtration in UtahHuman beings ought to consume clean water for the well-being of their health and prevention of waterborne diseases. Water from various water sources is often dirty and needs to undergo the purification process before it is safe for consumption. Water purification involves a number of subsequent steps which include:


This process involves removing large sediments using a sediment filter. The removal of these large particles at this initial stage prevents clogging of equipment in later stages. Get the right home filtration system and be in charge of your family’s health, says Kinetico Utah.

Ion Exchange

Water contains metallic elements which cause water hardness. Hard water causes pipe clogging, stains on clothes, and teeth problems. The metallic elements in water are majorly sodium and potassium. The removal of such metallic ions through ion exchange utilizes a negatively-charged resin filled tank. The resins are the sites for ion exchange where the weakly charged ions undergo displacement. The resin particles trap the metallic ions through an electromagnetic attraction.

Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration, also known as charcoal filtration is effective in chlorine removal through adsorption process. Trihalomethanes, which result from the interaction of decaying organic matter and chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides which pose a great health threat also undergo elimination at this stage.

Use of Ultraviolet Light

In this step, water passes a chamber with an ultraviolet light source. The ultraviolet light is a sterilizing agent and removes any microbiological contaminants present. The possibility of bacterial reproduction in water also gets very low promoting water safety.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis uses high pressure to force water across a membrane. Impurities remain on one side and only pure and clean water can pass through the membrane. This process is so powerful to even remove the dissolved impurities that carbon filtration didn’t eliminate.

Despite the purification process entailing a number of steps, it is good to note that there are a number of home filtration and purification systems that can match your water treatment needs and still be within your budget limits.