What Causes Roof Shingles?

Roof Restoration in Perth

RoofingCaring for your roof is one of the most important aspects of your routine home maintenance. Your roof plays a huge responsibility in keeping your home comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not pay close attention to their roofs and when they do, they hardly do it closely. They only rush to inspect their roof when a problem arises. One such problem is shingle curling.

Curling happens around the corners where the ends appear bent. They may either curl under themselves or upwards. While lots of curling problems are associated with moisture, other factors may also result in curling. These causes may include:

Improper Installation

Getting an inexperienced roof installer can have adverse effects on your roofing. Roof manufacturers have set regulations of how roofs should be installed like the number of nails per shingle and the length of the nail.

It’s thus important to work with a Perth roofing agency that is familiar with the type of roof being installed. Failing to adhere to the roof’s specifications can cause shingles to curl. Furthermore, installing shingles when wet or during winter can also cause the curls.

Inadequate Ventilation

Ventilation works by pulling outside air from intake vents and displacing it through higher parts of your room. Heat trapped in your attic can cause the curling of your shingles and even fading. Additionally, heat on the bottom part of the shingles can also lead to the shingles wearing out before time. Proper ventilation regulates the intake and outtake of air in your attic thus providing a conducive temperature that lessens the chances of your shingles curling.

End of Lifecycle

The lifespan of your shingles vary depending on the roofing manufacturer and the material. You may want to consider new roofing options once you notice curls on your shingles.

When inspecting your roof, always use caution and safety equipment. If you do not feel up to the task, it’s best to call in a roofing expert, who will diagnose the problem and make some recommendations.