What is the Best Shade for Your Timber Shutters?


ShutterWith timber, you know you have chosen the right material for your internal shutters. Now, you should choose the right design and colour. Whether you are looking to dress your window to suit the d├ęcor of your home or love the look of vibrant and colourful windows, here are some ideas to help you decide.

Neutral Shutters

Internal timber shutters in neutral tones are a common sight in Perth. Whether they are white, greyscale, cream of beige, these safe, unobtrusive shades are some of the most popular choices among modern homeowners.

They usually come in a wide selection of styles, ranging from classic to modern. If you are more old-fashioned, it will be wise to go with a classic design and stay there.

The main advantage of neutral colours is that they create a simplistic yet modern and sophisticated feel in any space. For the more playful folk, these hues allow them more room to incorporate their personality through vibrant and loud furniture and accessories.

Another great upside is flexibility. If you are planning to give one of your rooms a makeover by doing a wall repainting, neutral-coloured shutters will complement almost any style and colour.

Coloured Shutters

Although neutral-coloured shutters are the most common option, a trend has gained popularity in the recent years: window shutters in bold colours.

Some owners go for pastels and other subtle tones, while others go all the way and choose louder, more vibrant statement colours. With crazier interior design ideas emerging from all corners, there is nothing wrong with taking a little risk.

No matter your intention, dynamic tones can stage a sense of drama and excitement in your home, and draw attention to a specific space in a room.

You have made a smart choice by choosing timber shutters. Hopefully, you can decide on the best colour to go with your new windows. If you want professional advice, you can always consult a shutter specialist.