What Makes Your Child’s Playroom Fun and Safe

Kids Playroom

Kids Playroom in Taylors HillTaylors Hill is the perfect place for your big family. When looking for real estate properties in Taylors Hill, choose a home with enough space for an extra room or two. One of these roomscan be the perfect playroom for your children. Here are a few pointers to make the playroom safe and enjoyable for your kids.

Hide All The Wires

This includes the electrical cables of the TV, game console, or any other electric appliance or gadget in the room. Wires can also mean strings from toys, especially the ones that dangle. All cords and wires that aren’t concealed should not be longer than six inches. Look for kid-friendly coverings you can install for all your electrical cables.

Secure All The Furnishings

Clamp down that fan and screw that TV to the wall. Find ways of securing that table onto the floor to keep it from tipping over, if possible. Wall shelves and cabinets should also be secured and childproofed to discourage kids from using them as wall-climbing structures. Make sure every furnishing’s sharp corner has cloth tape, or any other childproofing sticker, to minimise accidental bumps and bruises.

Install Toy Bins

Include a toy area when designing your playroom. Have built-in toy bins instead of buying large chests that can trap your child inside during playtime. Should you need more containers for the toys, get large child-friendly baskets to go with the bins. Using these containers, you can even teach your children to classify the toys accordingly.

The playroom should give your child a space where they can have fun. More importantly, this room should also encourage learning. Mix fun with play to make the most of your playroom.