What to Expect When You’re Placing Your Baby for Adoption

Child For Adoption

Child For AdoptionUnplanned pregnancies can cause regret, self-blame, and fear. To single mothers who believe they’re incapable of raising their children and providing them with the right care, adoption can be an option for you.

It will not be an easy feat. You will be giving up your own flesh and blood to strangers who will claim parental rights over your child. Here are some expectations to guide and ease you into the process.

Deciding if it’s the best thing for your child

Every situation is different. Not all unwed mothers need to consider adoption. If you have supportive parents and friends willing to stand behind you, raising the baby into a world of love and comfort shouldn’t be impossible.

Adoption is a last resort for mothers who are helpless in their circumstances, those without the financial means and emotional stability to provide the care that the child deserves. You have to understand that bringing them into a world of poverty and hunger can be considered an act of cruelty and can ruin both your lives. Your job at this point is to weigh your priorities and decide if adoption the best thing for the both of you.

Choosing the adoptive parents

The case may be different with other adoption agencies, but Hearttoheartadopt.com says birth mothers get to choose the adoptive parents and how much contact you will have with them. This is one of the most vital parts of the process, as you will be deciding the kind of home and environment your baby will be raised in. The agency advises that you carefully consider all the available information about the aspiring adoptive families to guide you.

Choosing between open and closed adoption

In an open adoption, you and the adoptive parents have contact with each other and know each other’s first and last names. You engage in a more open relationship and even discuss matters about the ways to rear the child. In contrast, closed adoption is a mode where you and the adoptive parents have no contact and identifying information about each other, like specific name or address. All papers and arrangements will be handled by the agency.

Deciding between the two modes is also a crucial part of the process. Agencies advise you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each mode carefully and explore all possible options.

Entering the adoption process, here’s what you can’t expect – that everything will be easy. The best way to survive the emotional and mental rigors is to educate yourself with all relevant information to guide you in the right direction.

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