When and Why Should You Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying in Denver

Rekeying in DenverUnless the existing locks in your home are irreparably damaged or are flimsy, rekeying can offer you pretty much the same level of security as replacing your locks. So what exactly is rekeying? During rekeying, a locksmith will change your lock cylinder’s tumblers with new ones in different sizes. You won’t have to use your old keys since the rekeyed locks will require new keys to match the new tumblers. This is undoubtedly more economical than replacing the entire mechanism of your locks.

The Benefits of Rekeying

Apart from being more affordable than replacement, the entire rekeying process is quicker than replacing locks. Experienced locksmiths can effortlessly rekey multiple locks in several hours.

Convenience is also a huge benefit. If you use multiple keys because your home has multiple doors, you should definitely consider rekeying all your locks so that they will work with a master key. This includes all interior and exterior locks.

Owners of rental property, such as apartment buildings or condominiums, usually need to have a master key for opening multiple locks. The locks will likewise have a master key that will be used solely for opening the front door of each apartment or condo unit. According to Job Done Locksmith, expert locksmiths in Denver can carry out master rekeying that will fit various configurations to better meet the needs of property owners.

In addition, plenty of homeowners and business owners usually purchase locksets that don’t go with their style or type of doors. In instances like this, both the door and jamb will require retrofitting so that the new lockset will actually work and can be fitted properly. Furthermore, if you must buy locks that match your other installed hardware — style, finish, and color — it could be tougher to get an exact match. If you really prefer matching hardware (as many people do) rekeying may be a more viable option instead of replacement so you won’t have to purchase complete hardware sets.

In nearly any situation where you think you may require a lock replacement, consider rekeying your locks. This will not only save you time but money as well. Just make sure that the locksmith you hire comes from a reputable company to avoid being scammed.