Why Live in Perth? Let Us Count the Ways

Living in Perth

Living in Perth What comes into your mind whenever someone mentions Perth? You might be thinking about beaches and holidays with friends and family. Whilst Perth has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to holidays, it’s so much more — it can be your home.

Here are a few good reasons Perth makes an outstanding city to live in:

  1. Your income can go a long way.

Australia may be advanced and jobs are aplenty, but the costs of living can be high. The good news is Perth can give you great value for your income. Most of the households in the city are high-income earners. With the city’s moderate consumer price index, you can provide a good life for yourself and family here.

  1. If you love the sun, this is the place to be.

Many of Perth’s suburbs are near stunning beaches with azure waters. Apart from these sights, Perth has a sunny climate. In fact, the sun shines the most times here than anywhere in Australia. Summer weather can be dry but not too humid, while winter season remains mild.

  1. It’s as laid-back as it gets.

When you want to get away from the stressful bustling city life of more popular cities like Sydney or Melbourne, come to Perth. It has a great balance of social life and outdoors. The people are famous for being relaxed, casual and laid-back — this reflects in the patios and pool fence Perth households have. You cannot blame them when beaches, microbreweries, parks, and impressive attractions surround the area.

  1. It’s one of the most liveable cities.

Perth is not a perfect city. Whilst some people have an issue with the isolated location, it continues to be one of the most liveable cities in the world. It belongs to the top 10, finishing eight after Sydney.

With its clear waters, pristine surroundings and diverse culture, Perth offers you a place that you can truly call home.